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The ultimate water heating solution







Quality Engineered Solar Geysers & Heat Pumps

  • High quality components & simple installation
  • SABS Approved Heat Pumps
  • Our Solar Geysers have a 10 year warranty
  • Our Heat pumps have a 2 year warranty
  • Solar Geysers avaliable in 200L, 300l & 400L sizes
  • Heat Pumps for use with any existing geysers 100L - 500L
  • Safe, reliable, quiet and unobtrusive
  • Solar Geysers provide 80%-100% of a household's hot water from the sun
  • Heat Pumps uses 67% less household energy to heat your water
  • Heat Pumps Can be used in conjunction with solar heaters
  • Heat Pumps have a round the clock application
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Our Heat Pumps are fully anti freeze automated
  • Service, maintenance plans & financing available

Stuhmr Heatt Pump

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